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Gay Marriage Will Not be a Factor

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 10•12

Is it me or does anyone else think that President Obama’s decision to embrace gay marriage is no big deal electorally? I don’t see how it changes the dynamics of the 2012 election one iota. Sure it takes an awkward stance of the President’s  off the table — everyone assumed his position against same sex marriage was disingenuous — but at the end of the day, this race is about the economy. 

Social conservatives who were already voting against the President in November will still vote against him. And social liberals will still vote for him. Each side will just have one more data point to fit their preexisting satchel of rationales for why they like or dislike this president. 

Besides, then Vice President Dick Cheney, a Republican, came out for gay marriage almost eight years ago and it was non-factor in President Bush’s 2004 re-election race.  The issue is far less of a shocker today. 

But for the next 72 hours, we will all be analyzing this.  Those fighting in the trenches on both sides of the issue will claim to raise millions of dollars because of the President’s ostensible switch — and that this will be the make or break in the 2012 election.

Then we’ll forget all about this, and move on. 



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  1. Shannon Payne says:

    With all due respect, Bill,and conceding that I have little knowledge of American politics, it’s anything but no big deal. The leader of the free world made an official and public statement in support of gay marriage. Would/should this be a determinate in how Americans vote? In my opinion, no. But to say it’s no big deal is to invalidate the enormous effort over *years* that gays have been fighting for the right just to be recognized in this way.

    I’m deeply impressed by his conviction – and my view of it is anything but politically-motivated.

  2. Shannon Payne says:

    Besides, now Brad Pitt can finally marry that lovely Angelina Jolie gal 😉

  3. Your Friend says:

    My feeling is that it’s incredibly important from an historical perspective and to the gay and lesbian community. I hope you’re right about the politics of it, but I do fear that it will further galvanize some moderates who lean right but might otherwise be able to consider a vote for Obama over the other choice. Maybe I’m wrong in thinking that such people even exist in our absurdly partisan culture. Then there’s the part of me that thinks there’s something wrong with America for its inability to actually give this man credit for anything he has managed to do. Sure, Johnson was a better legislator, but only in a time of deep bi-partisanship. The fact that Obama managed to accomplish anything at all with the thugs from the right breathing down his neck every step of the way is truly a minor miracle. I wait and pray for the day that you see those knuckle-draggers standing next to you for who they really are.

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