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Newsday Column: Whither the Obama Stickers

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 14•12

One of the benefits of working in the political business is that you get to see lots of polling. It doesn’t always teach you new things — it usually just confirms nagging suspicions. But once in a while a statistic leaps off the page and demands to be noticed. One that keeps doing that to me in Westchester polling leads me to believe that President Barack Obama may be in deep trouble.

In an April survey from Siena College, Obama had a 52-47 favorability rating among Westchester voters. With Jewish voters in the county, he was underwater, at 47 favorable to 49 unfavorable. Several subsequent surveys suggest that the president’s numbers have slipped in Westchester since that poll was taken.

This complete column is available at Newsday Westchester. Thanks for reading!

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