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Historic Retorts, Ed Koch

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jun• 12•12

A friend sent along some wonderful historic retorts that are well worth doling out one at a time on these pages. Here is Ed Koch to the sometimes dogged former NY1 reporter Andrew Kirtzman who was pressing the former New York City mayor with a question. 

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  1. Your Friend says:

    Nice. I like the quotes. They’re fun.

    Below is an article for you on the subject of bi-partisanship via energy (the first link). It’s long, but good. I don’t buy the argument that bi-partisanship is dead. It’s simply that people are insanely stubborn, and no people more so than politicians.

    We are raising children in a world that will almost certainly suffer radical environmental changes in the coming decades (the second link). As you know, I used to fret about being part of a world that failed. Now I realize it isn’t the world that will fail, it’s us. It’s human failure. Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe you and I were never good enough. In order to prove that pessimistic thinking wrong, people like us will have to start to agree about something. Where do we start? Our lifelong love of the Mets is not enough.


    – d,0

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