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Out of Bounds, Dinesh

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 10•12

President Obama is on track to lose the election in November because his policies have failed and he is demonstrating an historic lack of leadership in the Oval Office. Cheap shots like the interview above with President Obama’s brother George from Kenya do not aid in the effort to remove the President from office. Mr. Obama the Kenyan, who looks much like his brother, comports himself well in the interview, in which  conservative author turned documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza asks him conspicuously loaded questions. 

The very idea of this interview seems mean-spirited to me. George Obama comes from a abjectly poor city, yet he clearly wants no, nor is he asking for, hand outs from his famous brother. He is a proud man and that should be honored. But this interview has only one purpose — to embarrass the U.S. president. George Obama is also President Obama’s kin, and family is out of bounds in politics. Period.  

This is the crap, frankly, that turns off independent voters, whom, on balance, seem willing to replace this president. Mr.  D’Souza and others should not rally them back to President Obama’s side with distasteful interviews like this  — even if it sells tickets to the show or extra copies of the book.  There is plenty of material to work with right here at home. 

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