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Welcome Back, Mitt Romney

Things are looking up for Mitt Romney. Besides new polling numbers which have him, once again, leading the field in Iowa, his primary opponents’ slips are showing. Newt Gingrich has inexplicably introduced the idea of police officers dragging judges off the bench to congressional inquisitions.  And today he told a gay American that he should […]

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Is Newt Slipping?

The latest Rasmussen Poll has Newt Gingrich dropping a dozen points in Iowa.  This is either an anomaly, or the result concerted battering of Mr. Gingrich in the opinion pages from wary conservative intellectuals.  I suspect it is the former.  Barring a fresh public slip, one wouldn’t expect Newt to plunge in the polls, but to gradually disintegrate under the […]

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Pre-Revolutionary America?

When I think of pre-Revolutionary America I tend to think of the Boston Tea Party, not the one sparked by CNBC’s Rick Santelli. But pollster Pat Caddell is suggesting that Americans have again reached a “pre-revolutionary” state of mind, based on alarming new polling data showing that just 17% of Americans believe that the U.S. Government “has […]

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