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The Uppity Red Chinese

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 11•11

American Flying Tiger Pilots in Burma

The Chinese are starting to piss me off.  Not the people; The People’s Republic. 

Today, they publicly lectured U.S. Admiral Mike Mullen, charging that America should spend less on its military for the sake of the taxpayers.

First of all, hah!, ha!, ha!, ha!

And secondly, screw you.

The Chinese didn’t criticize the U.S. military when it defeated the Imperial Japanese Army – the one occupying China — 66 years ago. And their Nationalist government gladly accepted the help of America’s Flying Tigers volunteers in Burma before that.   When Red China secretly entered the  Korean War on the side of North Korea a few years later, our taxpayers were more than happy to pay for the ammunition to beat the ungrateful  nation back to its borders. Maybe they are still angry about that. 

Today China is getting downright uppity.  They presume to instruct our President not to accept the Dalai Lama in the White House.  They criticize our economic policies, and now our military, both of which are vastly superior to theirs.  And why? Because they have cheap labor.  China has no other remarkable economic attributes. What do they make themselves?  What are their latest inventions? After gunpowder, noodles, and the abacus, I can think of nothing.  Red China is a nation led by blueprint thieves and counterfeiters.

I would put 10 Chinese-American entrepreneurs against 1,000 Chinese nationals  any day.   Because economic freedom – the freedom to think and take risk – is what builds a great nation.  This China will never know that. Not under its current authoritarian government.

The Chinese may hold a lot of our debt, but that doesn’t give them the right to lecture us.  They buy our debt because it is still the best bet on earth. There are two reasons for that, economic freedom and a military that can back it up in all corners of the globe, even in the South China Sea. 

Admiral Mullen should have flipped his Chinese counterpart the bird. 

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  1. Nick says:

    Fair to say that the Chinese are not very “red” anymore – CINO’s (Communist in Name Only).

    They are authoritarian which is a weakness but I would not underestimate their ability to invent things.

    As a civilization they have invented more things than the rest of the world combined. Some of those things are: the abacus, anatomy, air conditioning fan, ball bearings,bean curds, belt drives, printed books, paper, cast iron, chess, the crossbow, coal as fuel, natural gas as fuel, dominoes, fertilizers, flame throwers, folding chairs, gluten from wheat, grafting, the handgun, the kite, helicopter top, extendable ladders, topographical maps, harness collar, toilet paper, paper money, noodles, porcelain, moveable print, playing cards, estimate of pi, fishing reel, two stage rockets, rotary fan, spun silk, the toothbrush, tea as a drink, vinegar, weather vane and yes gunpowder.

    If we hadn’t run up the debt we wouldn’t have to listen to their blather.

  2. Bill says:

    And how about since 1946? Anything?

  3. Nick says:

    They haven’t invented much in over 100 years but that is not my point. I won’t go into the history but they were abandonded by the West after WW1 so that Wilson could get his League of Nations. They also share some of the blame for their demise but WW2 gutted them. Their military casualties were 3 – 4 million and civilian casualties were 10 – 15 million. No one ever talks about this. We helped them yes but they bore the brunt of the Japanese attacks and war crimes.

    Their civilization is a great one and I would not underestimate their capabilities going forward.

    This is not about taking sides and I do not believe in their authoritarian system. But at the end of the day I think we should focus on what we need to do to improve and not worry about what the Chinese say. If we did not finance our ecomomy through massive debt we wouldn’t be in this spot.

    I remember John McCain pointedly saying that in order to fight these wars we should all be in it together. I believe he asked where is the sense of shared sacrifice. You can’t have it all. When you fight wars as we had to they have to be paid for. And when you put it off, you only make the day of reckoning that much harder. I know that entitlements are a large part of the expenditures but how much better off would we be if we had paid for those wars rather than relying on debt to finance them?

  4. Mike says:

    I think the bigger point is that no country can truely reach it’s full potential without human rights/freedoms. The Chinese government isn’t “communist in name only”. They are communist to the core but have adapted a form of capitalism to suit their needs. The Chinese biggest fear is civil unrest. Any hint of a public gathering that may question the central government is met with a mass showing of military/police/secret police.

    The best thing that happened was that we hooked China on a form of capitalism. There is a reason that China won’t let the Yuan float freely against major currencies, it’s because if they do, their export driven economy, based on cheap labor will begin to falter and the rise of discontent will follow. Most of the banks in China are insolvent yet kept alive by govenmental accounting voodoo. We don’t know this for a fact because like most things in China, there is no transparency. Most people fret over the huge sums of U.S. treasury securities the Chinese own. In my opinion the Chinese need us way more than we will ever need them. Call them what they are, a currency manipulator, slap tarrifs on their exports and watch the Chinese communist government crap in their collective pants.

  5. […] has a long history of inventiveness. He pasted some of the inventions in the comments section of this blog item. But really. what has China produced that is original since 1949 when the Communists […]

  6. Nick says:

    The original post was about the Chinese military criticizing is on our debt management. Let’s not worry about what they say. I am no fan of the Chinese capitalist authoritarian system. I agree with Mike’s comments except that they are no longer communist. How can someone be both capitalist and communist at the same time?

    But we also helped build the Chinese economy. Our economic policy was based on having a “service” and consumer economy. The Asian economies produced cheap goods and we paid for them with debt. Rates were kept low which allowed us to finance all of this. The combination of governenment and private folly netted a meltdown in the financial markets and almost destroyed our economy. We did not plan for a rainy day and are left with brutal policy choices.

    My point is that rather than criticize what they do and worry about what they say lets deal with our own problems, reduce our debt and build our own manufacturing base and economy. Then, we are dealing from a position of strength and can laugh off whatever they say.

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