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The Bachmann Headache

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 21•11


Starkly different reactions out of the Romney and Pawlenty camps on Michele Bachmann’s reported migraine attacks reflect not so much the opinions or character of those two candidates, but their very different position in the polls. Pawlenty has said it is an issue — although he’s now half- walking it back — and Romney has said it is not. 

Romney is the front-runner. He can afford to appear magnanimous. Pawlenty is fighting for survival — which means somehow overtaking Bachmann in Iowa — so he is forced to keep the migraine issue alive. He needs to raise doubts about Bachmann in any way he can to halt her momentum.

The rest of the candidates, Perry in particular, are now given a pass on the issue. They can stay above the fray, too. Pawlenty is doing the dirty work in questioning Bachmann’s physical ability to serve in the Oval Office. They don’t need to.

Another reason Romney may be publicly supporting Bachmann’s fitness: He may have to tap her as a VP candidate down the road to marry the GOP and the Tea Party. At a minimum he’ll need her support. If he questions her ability to serve as president, he cannot choose her to sit a heart-beat away.

I’d be curious to see how this issue is polling with women. They suffer migraines at a highly disproportionate rate to men. I would suspect some natural empathy there. I’m sure Pawlenty’s team is looking into that now. 



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  1. Julia Alling says:

    She is lying or delusional. If she is taking two medications one to reduce blood flow to her brain and the other to supress vomiting and she has gone to the ER twice I the recent past when she has had episodes – she is completely incapacitated. I used to suffer from dehabiliting migraines – vomiting for 24 hours, vertigo that caused me to cling to the bed or the floor like a cartoon character. I never was so “bad” as to need to go to the ER or get injections. Regardless the only thought one can have in the middle of such an episode is where is the toilet and who will kill me to make my head stop spinning. I was not able to do higher order thinking, nor do I believe is Mrs. Bachman when she is in the middle of an episode. It is and should be a concern, it’s not her high heels.

  2. Your Friend says:

    Okay, I’m as far left as they come, as you know, Billy. I have no reason to want Michele Bachmann to succeed in any way. I’m on the record as saying that I think she is batsh*t crazy. But any sitting president can get a bug, have a fever, and be out of action for 24-48 hours. People with young kids are especially susceptible to this (as I recently experienced) and we love our presidents to have little kids. Being out of commission for a short period of time will never adversely effect the running of our country. The political machine that gets put into place for any administration is way too sophisticated to allow that to happen. I have great sympathy for anyone who experiences migraines, but I’ve never met anyone who suffered from them who let them impede their success. Michele Bachmann has been pretty successful so far in life without this condition stopping her. There’s no reason it should stop her now.

  3. Very honest reply. That’s where I am. Mechanics are in place.

  4. Nick says:

    Any idea where this story came from?

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