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Bad-Ass Patriots

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Dec• 15•11

Only in today’s music world would a patriotic rock band be seen as radical, but that’s exactly what Madison Rising is quickly becoming known as in the liberal-dominated music industry — bad-ass radical.  The pro-military, pro-free-market, anti-protest rockers are considered so against the grain, in fact, that they were banned from playing in Zuccotti Park!  (Full disclosure: My company helped MR launch, but we do no work for them now.)

 The New York Post has a piece today describing some reaction to the band.  Writes Post scribe Todd Seavey: 

Madison Rising goes against the political grain in rock. Drummer Sam Fishman recalls, “I played [the Madison Rising song] ‘In the Days That Reagan Ruled’ for a college friend” and he “thought it was a joke.”

Guitar player Chris Schreiner says, “My friend’s wife told me that I wouldn’t be allowed back in the house if I appeared on Glenn Beck.” He recalls performances where the band had “girls throwing themselves at us, only for them to run when they heard we were a pro-American band.”

At the band’s recent show at the downtown club National Underground, Mgrdechian noticed some “pierced faces” exiting during the song “Walking Through That Door,” which is about a soldier heading off to duty with his “head held high” (lead singer Dave Bray is a Navy vet). During the next number, the pro-gun “Right to Bear,” Mgrdechian says, “several other people left in a huff.”

Madison Rising has struck a chord. Love ’em or hate ’em, they have arrived and are getting noticed. They are a great bunch of guys and they deserve all the success they will achieve. “In the Days that Reagan Ruled.” From a hard rock band? Imagine that! 

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