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Only in New York

It’s amazing that San Francisco, the city that sought to ban circumcision and Happy Meals in the same year, hasn’t thought of this first. The New York City Council is now pressing a law to force cab drivers to become anti-prostitution counselors. You read that right.  City cabbies, under this new measure, would be required to take a […]

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Careful What You Ask For

Speaking of unintended consequences, get this: The New York double-decker bus industry is under attack by the New York City Council. This is the second time it’s been in the cross hairs in a year. The first time it was for the sound amplified tour-guides make in residential neighborhoods, specifically the West Village.  So the Council […]

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Shake Down, Council Style

New York City is at it again. At least the City Council is. Mayor Bloomberg, who has infinitely better sense than the Council, hasn’t definitively said if we will back the Council’s new kick-back scheme that would force banks holding City money to “give back to the community.” In non-government parlance, that’s called a “shake […]

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