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Must Watch New York Video — Pass It On

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Sep• 06•14

The word deplorable should be saved for special occasions.  The interaction captured in the video below constitutes one of them. It publicly reveals the way in which Andrew Cuomo and his campaign team have treated his Democratic Primary opponent, Zephyr Teachout, a respected and amiable Fordham University professor. Mr. Cuomo’s behavior has been, yes, deplorable. 

It’s bad enough that Andrew Cuomo is refusing to debate Professor Teachout — he won’t debate her at all — but neither will he utter her name. That’s right; Andrew Cuomo has not once mentioned Prof. Teachout’s name, even after being challenged to do so.

Now, captured here on video, we see the lengths to which Cuomo will go to dismiss Ms. Teachout at a parade. Professor Teachout simply wanted to say “hello.”  The jostling and back turnings all belong to members of Mr. Cuomo’s staff. Mr. Cuomo was later quoted in the press saying he didn’t know Prof. Teachout was at the parade, a preposterous suggestion proven false by this video.

New Yorkers off all political persuasions need to know who’s sitting in their governor’s mansion. This video is more instructive than any television ad, editorial, or news release.  It speaks to the true inner character of this governor in a profound and disturbing way. His behavior — his sheer meanness– is simply intolerable.

Democratic  voters should remember this video at the polls on Tuesday. 

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