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About the AlarmClock

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly

Thanks for visiting It launches with no mission, other than to provide a space to discuss advances, retreats, and inanities of the day.  There is no shortage of fodder.

Why theblackberryalarmclock?


1. I grow blackberries in my backyard;

2. I write most of these posts on a Blackberry;

3. Alarm is very much in vogue;

4. I always got a kick out of the band, The Strawberry Alarmclock, and

5. No one else in his right mind would have this URL.

Again, thanks for visiting.  Comments welcome.

— Bill O’Reilly (Not that one.)

***All views are the author’s and the author’s only.



  1. Omaidullah says:

    Dear are you

  2. John says:

    I believe we have too many lawyers running the government. How do you feel about lawyers? Yet you let them run your lives. I for one would prefer to have engineers or scientists running our government. Lawyers represent no one but themselves in the long run, as we all know, and businessmen are practiced at the art of self preservation and know only this when they enter politics. Besides most of them are dictatorial in the running of their business. What would they know about a democratic process? Yet this is what we put into office. Either businessmen or Lawyers. When you think about it, our present dilemma makes sense. We have people who know nothing about what the nation really needs since they know absolutely nothing about real structure and natural law. The legal system is fouled up and we have no real authority in this nation. Our constitutional foundations are severely compromised due to an incompetent government.

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  4. Great description! I wanted to “like” this but writing a comment is just as good! This is exactly the reason, I started my blog. Unfortunately, it has since been taken over my this pre-occupation with my social media company. All the same, keep up the good work. Love blackberries, the fruit that is.

  5. Terry says:


    I’m Terry I live in the northeast on a dirt road off a dirt road and I am an old fart. I have a silly dog who goes to doggie daycare twice a week. I remember the band ‘The Strawberry Alarm Clock’ which gives you a good idea how old I am.
    I was drawn here because your well expressed opinion on the Notre Dame unis for the Miami game concurs with mine.

    I’ll be back

  6. Terry says:

    Here in Maine we (once again) have the same sex marriage question on the ballot. catholics (small c) for marriage equality is all for it. We are without a Bishop here right now because the one we had was transferred to Buffalo.

    Scary movie – ‘Obama 2016’.

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