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Saturday’s with Steyn

This guy is so good. Here is Steyn’s lede today:  Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee a few days ago – that’s 60 years on the throne. Just to put it in perspective, she’s been queen since Harry S. Truman was president. At any rate, her jubilee has been a huge success, save for […]

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The Week’s Funniest Read

I was really planning to write something original this morning, but National Review’s Mark Steyn again got in the way.  He is the funniest political writer in America today, although I don’t know if his humor translates to readers on the political left. (I’m curious for feedback on that.) His latest column, Composite Americans, tackles Massachusetts senate candidate […]

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Steyn Afire

There’s no one better today than Mark Steyn when he gets really cooking.  And this morning he’s afire with thoughts on President Obama’s so-called Buffet Rule and other inanities. A couple of gems: On President Obama’s rhetorical obliques In the end, free societies get the governments they deserve. So, if the American people wish to […]

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