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Quote of the Day, Charles Krauthammer

  “Obama is just the man to fulfill Al Gore’s famous mistranslation of our national motto: Out of one, many.”– Charles Krauthammer.  Great piece in the Washington Post today by Charles Krauthammer. He hits with a broadside in a morning what I’ve been swatting at with a squash racket for weeks — President Obama’s conspicuous decision to […]

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The End is Coming!

Speaking of Charles Krauthammer, the ubiquitous Washington Post columnist has a far-out piece today that’s worth a read.  It argues, disconcertingly, that all intelligent life in the universe, save us, may have annihilated itself.  The reason?  Reason itself. The neo-conservative Pulitzer Prize winner surmises: …This silent universe is conveying not a flattering lesson about our […]

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An Angry Newt Jumps the Shark

Newt Gingrich has jumped the shark. The man who has had a “bold” new “solution” daily since the 1980’s  — in direct contradiction to conservative thought — is now attacking conservative icons like George Will and Charles Krauthammer, and revered conservative publications like National Review, through his super PAC “Winning Our Future.” Their crime is in […]

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