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Mr. Cuomo’s Party

New York State senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx) correctly observed yesterday what everyone but  those on the hard left recognizes: Andrew Cuomo is improving the brand of the Democratic Party. He is bringing an image of competence and centrism to an organization that had spun out of control in New York just a couple of years back. […]

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Triborough Toll

  I used to fall for a talking point New York union bosses use all the time in newspaper quotes. Former United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Randy Weingarten used to say it all the time, as did her predecessor Sandra Feldman. Today I read it in a quote from Westchester Corrections Superior Officers Union […]

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New York’s Big Problem

A small story this weekend in the New York Post spells out New York State’s big problem.  City municipal unions are waiting out Mayor Bloomberg’s term to renegotiate their contracts.  They would rather wait for a union-friendly Democrat than deal with independent Bloomberg. Some of the unions are without contract now.  So how can they […]

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